Pak-project  is situated  in Novo Selo near Vrnjacka Spa , in central Serbia, 200 km away from Belgrade. Production is carried out in our own facilities of about 700 sq m.

Many years of experience in the field of manufacturing machines and equipment has placed  “Pak-Project” among the leading manufacturers in the field of preparing and packaging : food, chemical,technical and other goods. Thanks to our experienced development and production personnel, Pak-Project company  is able to perform even the most complex tasks such as  designing, manufacturing, developing and repairing of machines.

In the beginning Pak-Project predominantly produced packaging machines,  but thanks to the demands of the market we have also developed the production of machines for cardboard packaging. In order to meet the demands of customers the company continues to expand its product range. The quality of machines  is the most important factor  which ensured  survival and development of the company, both in the domestic and international market. As a result of it, Pak-project successfully operates in the markets of Western and Eastern Europe and the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Pak-Project  can assist its clients in the process of  making  complete”Pak-center” production –from  transportation and preparation of materials, packing in appropriate packaging to the production of cardboard packaging.

All machines produced in Pak-Project have  supporting documentation, certificates of applied protection measures, CE certificate and instructions for handling and maintenance.

We offer to  buyers of our machines assistance in training their employees to work on machines and to maintain them. Spare parts and machine service are also provided within warranty period.

Modern technical solutions allow easy and simple work on our machines, with long-lasting, reliable performance.

The production program Pak-Projects  includes filling lines, automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines of all kinds of materials (powdered, granular, fine-grained, piece goods, liquid, paste, cream) and machines for the production of cardboard packaging.