This universal filler, designed for filling granular substances and small granulates, has its application in food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Having an accurate vibratory filling system, this filler can be applied for filling a large spectrum of substances, starting from small granulates (salt, sugar) up to large grains (popcorn, corn snacks, frozen pease, frozen raspberry). The electronic regulation continually adjusts the vibrator’s power and frequency, for fine and rough filling. The filler complies with highest hygienic standards. It is equipped with an electronic package counter. The advantages of this machine are: easy handling and adjustment, reliable work, small size. An additional option is an elevator, electronically controlled by capacitive switches, positioned in the filler’s basket, thus obtaining best results and comfortable work. In our production range we have fillers with their container positioned on the scale, as well as fillers with electronic scales.

Technical characteristics
Capacity: 6-15 doses/min
Installed power: 200 W
Mains voltage: 220 V
Filling method: vibratory